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Understanding Ketosis and How to Use it to Your Advantage

by Keto Vitals August 31,2021 0 Comments
Understanding Ketosis and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Focused on developing a better form of energy production in the body, ketosis is a state of metabolism that uses fat and ketones instead of sugar as a form of fuel that produces energy while also improving the body’s overall function.

Ketosis is a natural process of the body’s utilization of ketones and fat instead of blood sugar as a form of energy source. Glucose is naturally stored in the liver and it is released once energy production is needed. The regular intake of high-sugar content food resources resulting to high carb sourcing make it possible for such glucose storing to happen.

There are, however, some factors that get specifically affected by eating too much sugar-rich food sources. Besides developing symptoms of obesity and gaining weight, there are other complications that this culture of eating results to which includes the development of diabetes.

Research and nutrition studies have been developed to identify how ketosis actually helps the body to respond accordingly to the type of nutrition taken in by every individual. It is understood through medical and nutritional observation that individuals who are mindful of their food intake are more capable of developing healthier lifestyles while also avoiding certain complications that result to further health issues due to improper daily nutritional intake.

What is Nutritional Ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis is the process of realigning your food intake to make sure you have enough or ample amount of supply of the different nutrients that your body need in order to sustain yourself while reducing your intake of carbohydrates.

If like the regular person, you have been used to having a high-rate carb diet, going through nutritional ketosis does not happen overnight. The truth is, there are distinct problems that you may encounter along the way. The different phases of naturally allowing ketosis to happen and impact your body’s adjustment in the diet you intake practically takes at least a week or two to settle depending on how disciplined you are to go through the process.

When choosing to go on a keto diet, make sure that your food choices would not drive you to lose vital nutrients along the way. Checking on the need support your body will all the nutrients it needs is critical to keeping a healthy lifestyle as you try to lose the excess weight while producing the energy that your body will need in the process.

The Benefits of Ketosis

Many among those who have tried adapting to keto diet found it helpful not only in losing weight but also in boosting functionality, focus, and strength. Here are some of the basic benefits that keto dieters get from their strict discipline in food intake through following a dedicated keto food schedule:

                Regulation of Appetite

Instead of feeling hungry all the time, a well-adjusted keto diet motivates the natural regulation of appetite. This reduces cravings that are unnecessary and makes it easier for dieters to stick to the schedule more fully.

                Effective Weight Loss Strategy

Due to the natural regulation of appetite, dieting is easy. Since the body does not call for more sustenance, enough sustenance of the daily needed nutrient to fuel the body to function at its best makes it easier for the body to require just the enough amount of food while reducing waste along the way.

Ketosis makes use of protein and stored fat as source of energy. This process helps well in make use of nutrient resources for the best benefits of the body. This means that the food you eat will be completely used by the body to its best with little to no waste or unused substances.

                Reversing Symptoms of Diabetes

With the right approach and application of the keto diet as part of a person’s daily source of nutrition and strength, symptoms of diabetes could be gradually reversed. Individuals who have been suffering from type 2 diabetes confirm about the amicable adjustments that made it easier for them to go through their condition while retaining strength even when they seem to have reduced their food intake.

                Improved Athletic Performance

Because ketosis highlights the use of proteins and stored fat as the primary source of energy for the body, athletes found keto dieting as a form of energy booster to their body that directly affect their performance in the field. Their muscles are leaner and their energy level is higher. Focus on traiing and even during their sporting events certainly improved their general performance, leaving them more energy even after accomplishing their sports hours dedicated to trainings and competitions.

                Better Seizure Management

Individuals with seizure disorder have also been introduced to the keto diet. At least 87% of those who have adjusted to this form of diet have seen definite changes in their bodies and have also reported reduced occurrences of seizure attacks.

Health practitioners assisting individuals with seizure disorders confirm that the keto diet helps in regulating not just the appetite of the patient but also the way the body processes the nutrients needed by the body while increasing electrolytes production and distribution to the brain which dramatically reduces the seizure attacks along the way.

Basic Things You Should Know about Adapting to Keto Diet

While there are numerous benefits that the keto diet offers, reaching that adaptable and acceptable state of receiving the best results from the diet requires time and discipline. There are different phases of keto adjustments that you need to be aware of so you will continue to pull through with what you have started with.

The truth is, not all who decide to adapt to a keto diet are able to stick to it. So, if you are serious in your decision to use ketosis for the best results in your body, you ought to consider and understand these phases of natural keto adjustments accordingly:

  • Within the first 12 to 24 hours:

During the first hours of adjusting to the keto diet, your body will tend to produce the ketones and the adjustment of energy production from protein and stored fat could be felt. This may not feel comfortable at first.

  • Between 4 to 5 Days:

During the first week, you might feel the symptoms of keto flu which basically feels like having an actual flu. The symptoms include experiencing fatigue and exhaustion, mind fog and dehydration. This is why drinking water consistently during this time is critical to your survival. Taking rests every now and then helps in reducing the symptoms of keto flu.

  • 1 Week into the adjustment:

After a week of embracing the keto diet strictly, you will certainly feel the effect of the diet accordingly. One of which is the loss of weight and increased production of energy. You would also be able to observe a clearer pattern of thinking that allows you to focus better.

  • 2 Weeks into the adjustment:

In two weeks, your body would have already adjusted successfully to the diet and created a new form adaptation to the nutritional intake that you go through each day. When this happens, you will feel the effect of decreased hunger whereas you can already effectively manage your appetite.

  • 4 weeks into the adjustment:

In four weeks, insulin is certainly going to decrease in your system which also affects the production of higher energy while also improving the mind’s focus better.

  • 5 weeks and going forward:

From this point, onwards, experiencing keto flu is not that much evident anymore as the body has already fully adjusted to the diet and is expected to perform at its best with reduced intake of carbs.

Key Takeaways

As observed from this post, the keto diet invests fully on the natural occurrence of ketosis.

The human body functions at its best when it is able to reduce the waste that often develops when undisciplined foot intake is present. It is easier to put in waste to the body rather than clear it up of the many sources of disturbances of functionality. Engaging in keto diet helps the body keep the good resources of energy and keep the body operating at its best because it uses the best fuel for energy and strength.

While it is true that going through ketosis is not that easy nor is it that comfortable at first, the results of this disciplined pattern of eating results to a lot of benefits other than merely losing weight. If you are planning to adapt to a keto diet, be sure to seek the proper guidance you need so you can avoid the dangers of this diet that results to other complications if not properly handled with necessary nutrient support needed to aid ketosis successfully.

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