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Electrolytes Specifically for Keto


This product is a lifesaver. I could barely walk some days, plus horrid, prolonged night leg cramps. Keto Vitals solved all leg problems overnight, and gave me an energy boost that lifted my mood and fueled the productivity I need for my job and life. When I ran out and couldn't order for a few days, all painful symptoms returned. I have tried other Keto products and none of them worked as well as Keto Vitals. I have stockpiled and won't be caught short again, this product is a lifesaver!

- Avalon

This product is awesome! After about a week in on the Keto diet I started feeling really tired and not my self. I started taking Keto Vitals and boom, It was like I was a new person. Also seemed like it helped drop the weight a little faster also.

- Zach M

Loved this product! Perfect for keto flu symptoms, and nearly instant muscle cramp relief! My entire family loves taking it!

- Kindle

I had been unable to stay on the Keto diet for more than about 5 days in the past due to horrible leg cramps and anxiety but these supplements fixed that. Started with 4 a day and got no cramps and no anxiety.

- Tim Y

This is a must have on a Keto Diet. Anytime I started getting cramps in my legs/arms I have taken this, and the issues subside. Great source of energy and electrolytes.

- Detroit L