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Six Tips to Staying Keto during the Holidays

by Manager KV December 03,2021 0 Comments
Tips to staying Keto

Most people who have adopted different diets to keep healthy often feel that the holidays are simply the hardest time of the year to stick to a diet. However, keto dieters have good news: you don’t have to feel guilty, and you don’t have to feel left out during these holidays! We share some of the most effective tips here to help you stay Keto during the holidays.

But before we go ahead and give you the six basic hacks to having a guilt-free diet this holiday, let us start with the basics first. Remember that the keto diet encourages a high-fat, low-carb eating pattern. This is a primary reason why being Keto during the holidays can be much easier compared to other forms of more restrictive diets.

What specifics does the keto diet require regarding the fat to carbohydrates ratio?

The keto diet encourages dieters to stay within the allowable 10% calorie rate for every 30 grams of carb intake allowed daily. If you go beyond this rate, you might lose the height of ketosis that your body is trying to achieve consistently. If you become impulsive during the holidays, you might lose the results you have already achieved.
Let’s visualize how this goal could be achieved: a half cup of mashed potatoes contains 11 grams of carbs. This means that if you choose to have mashed potatoes during the holidays, then you would have to set aside trying all other holiday favorites to keep yourself within a keto-friendly state. So, in short, the key is to try to have a small amount of the foods that aren’t as keto-friendly and give in to your cravings without breaking the effective diet schedule you have already worked so hard to follow up until the holidays.

Also, remember that holidays are not just about great food; they often bring the opportunity to mingle with friends and family. Believe it or not, focusing on which foods you can eat during the holidays and thinking obsessively about it will only keep you from enjoying the company and keep your mind spinning about food; the very purpose of the holidays is to bring friends and families together at the end of the year. Take time to engage and tell stories. Let this holiday be about laughter and catching up with one another.

Keto Life Tips

So, now that we know the basics let us see what keto diet tips you can use to keep your eating habits within the right allowance of carbs during the holidays.

Tip #1: Be alert and avoid hidden carbs

As mentioned earlier, eating food with high levels of carbohydrates will alter your efforts to stay within a keto-friendly zone during the holidays. But what is hidden carbs?

Turkey is keto-friendly, but when it is doused with gravy made from flour, the carb content shoots up and will throw you off track. Vegetables prepared with non-keto ingredients are not advised either. Other food choices added into holiday favorites that you will need to avoid are starchy vegetables, including sweet potatoes, legumes and grains, dairy, and sweetened beverages usually served, including cocktails.

You need to know what goes into a particular food choice placed on the table before you dig in and eat.

Tip #2: Bring your own delicious keto-friendly holiday feast

If you are attending a party instead of staying at your own home to prepare a keto holiday feast, it is better to bring at least some of your food. This will give you an option to stay within the allotted carb-content intake while also giving your host a gift.

Some keto-friendly holiday food you might want to share with others would be a simple salad, baked Brussels sprouts or broccoli, or create your keto-friendly dessert that everyone else could enjoy.

Tip #3: Keep your holiday meals simple

As for meat, stick to turkey, salmon, and beef. Pick green vegetables and add them to your cooking.

Try to avoid dressings and sauces made with high sugar content, flour, and other ingredients that are generally high in carbs and sugars.

Tip #4: Do not be overly concerned about what other people say

If you happen to be the cook preparing the food for the holidays, you might hear some murmurs if you only cook Keto. Nevertheless, it is best to stay within limits to protect yourself and not waste your efforts.

Remember, it is your health at play and the improvement of your bodily functions that we are talking about. Being too concerned with what others have to say will only bring you to the point of dismay.

Remember that keto foods can be as delicious as other “normal” meals and holiday desserts. With the right spices and flavorings, there is no reason that your guests can’t or won’t enjoy your keto-friendly meal.

Tip #5: Choose the carbs you eat, pick your favorites

One of the reasons people gain too much weight during the holidays is that they want a taste of everything, and sometimes portions aren’t measured closely, pushing them to get more and eat more.

However, eating tasty meals does not necessarily mean putting every single item on your plate, but rather taking what you love the most. For a keto dieter, this is especially important, so you don’t make your body work too hard trying to break down too many carbohydrates. Instead, focus on being mindful of what you put into your mouth to take care of your whole body.

One reminder you need to remember, avoid alcoholic beverages and especially sweetened drinks. It is best to drink tea to cleanse your palate and keep you from bloating during holiday feasts.

Tip #6: As mentioned earlier, holidays are not simply about the food

If you are hosting a holiday meal, be sure to be prepared with other activities that don’t depend on food alone; games, gift exchange, or other activities can provide entertainment and keep food from the single focus. This will get everyone’s head off from the food and towards each other, and not only benefit you but keep everyone from stuffing themselves and feeling ill.

Key Takeaways 

We hope that with these suggestions, you can stay keto-focused during the holidays while having fun with your family and friends.

Remember, it is best to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty because you threw away your efforts to develop consistent ketosis in your body just because you want a taste of everything offered at the table. Your discipline on what food choices to eat during the holidays will give you a better chance at maintaining your keto diet during this festive season.

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