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Should I Stop Keto Dieting?

by Manager KV April 05,2022 0 Comments
Should I Stop Keto Dieting?

The "Keto Diet" is only one of the popular health improving and weight-reducing diets considered adequate by many weight-loss enthusiasts today. There is a lot of buzz surrounding this increasingly popular diet because of its proven health benefits and effectiveness in weight reduction.

The keto diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet that helps drop weight and increase metabolism. By reducing your carb intake to 5% at the minimum and significantly increasing your fat intake, you force your body to enter a "Ketosis" state. Ketosis is the body's state in which, instead of it burning carbs for fuel and energy, it burns fat instead.

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Now, as perfect as the diet may seem and with as many positive benefits it holds, the keto diet has some "nasty" side effects. Severe adverse side effects of keto dieting are usually rare, but there are common side effects.

  • Severe Keto Flu

"Keto Flu" is one of the dreaded adverse side effects of keto dieting. It's pretty familiar to keto dieters, but it can also be very severe in some cases.

Keto flu is morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, and irritability that comes with the shift in the body's balance between carbs and fats. A remedy to keto flu is drinking more water and increasing your consumption of electrolytes to make up for your loss of energy.

Take note of the word "severe." You experience severe keto flu when you simultaneously experience all of the mentioned symptoms. For example, you are dizzy, nauseous, tired, irritable, and weak all at the same time. If your keto flu only consists of one or two of these symptoms and disappears after a few days, it will most likely be smooth sailing from there on out. Then, you'll be free to reap the benefits of keto dieting.

Avoiding the keto flu during the first days of engaging in the diet is almost impossible. However, with the right electrolyte support, you may get through these critical days successfully. If the keto electrolyte supplement sits well with you, you might want to continue using the supplement until you are achieve the results you want from keto dieting.

  • You Feel Too Weak

Another nasty side effect of the keto diet is weakness. Many individuals on the keto diet or we're on the keto diet have commented that through their keto dieting, they feel much weaker than before they went on the keto diet. Sadly, this is pretty common.

Since the human body prefers carbohydrates over fats as a fuel source, your body is forced to burn fats instead when you go through ketosis. So, reducing or removing carbohydrates from your diet could potentially lead to you getting tired or even exhausted much easier.

To avoid these instances, some resort to using keto supplements that can help them in replenishing the energy that they need to keep going throughout the day without being tempted to eat up on carbs.

Once you notice that you are starting to feel this side effect and think that it is beginning to affect your daily life and routines, that may be a sign that the keto diet isn't for you. Stopping your keto diet at this point may be the best solution to your weakness problem.

  • Constant Vomiting and Diarrhea

Drastically increasing your fat intake heavily affects your digestive system. Since the human body is not generally accustomed to regularly digesting and metabolizing large quantities of fat, you usually end up in the bathroom a lot through your keto dieting.

Vomiting and diarrhea are two common side effects of keto dieting because of the increase in fat consumption and decrease in carbohydrate consumption, which the body cannot automatically adjust to. In many cases, diarrhea caused by keto dieting doesn't stop without cutting the diet out of the equation. If you experience these symptoms rather consistently,

What To Remember

To avoid severe keto diet side effects, remember to always hydrate. Your hydration has a lot to do with how your body would successfully adjust to the new system of diet that you are subjecting your body into.

When on the Keto diet, remember not to overdo it. Listen to what your body has to say and adjust accordingly. Note that there are two types of keto diet types, the clean and dirty keto. Knowing more about these options may help you decrease the symptoms of keto flu and allow you to stay within the diet within reasonable limitations and allowances.

Set realistic and practical goals for yourself concerning your keto dieting. Remember, the keto diet is no miracle diet. There is no miracle diet at all. Everyone has their own specific needs and specific capabilities for their diet. Find the diet that works for you, and make sure you know when it might be time to stop.

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