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Is Losing Vitamins Due to Keto Diet a Fact or Myth?

by Manager KV May 11,2022 0 Comments
Is Losing Vitamins Due to Keto Diet a Fact or Myth?

Through the years, different types of dieting options were introduced to the world. With the desire to lose weight, many health enthusiasts come to the point of developing other programs that may help keep themselves fit while consistently keeping themselves healthy at the same time. However, these two goals may not be in agreement with each other. The truth of the situation suggests that there is a considerable possibility that once a person agrees to go through a specific type of diet, he would undoubtedly lack access to particular vitamins and minerals that are critical to keeping a person healthy. The keto diet is not an exception to this fact.

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The Vitamin and Mineral Imbalance in Keto Diet is Real 

The Keto diet does have an impact on how the body processes different essential substances. It also highlights the control of the intake of certain foods that have vital vitamins and minerals. For this reason, there is a definite limit of time concerning how long a person could engage in keto dieting as a form of losing weight. It is also highlighted that for those who may have some 

health conditions to consider, checking their physicals is a critical part of the success of this particular dieting journey.

So, the question is, does keto dieting make you lose particular vitamins and minerals in the body? If so, what can be done to replenish these elements of healthy living to help keep keto dieters healthy even when they are trying to lose weight?

Suppose you are already going through the keto diet or maybe, still considering the possibility of losing weight the keto way. In that case, you will undoubtedly gain better knowledge about proper vitamin and mineral intake through this post.

Perhaps you have already seen posts of pictures of people who have gone through the keto diet 

and reached their weight goals in just a few months of dieting. These photos are not fake. Because of the strict food control and management required in keto dieting, such results are certainly possible.

However, because of such strict rules on what can be eaten and what food choices must be avoided by an individual on the keto diet, here are some of the most common vitamins and minerals that keto dieters often lack:


  • Folate (B9)
  • Biotin (B7)
  • Selenium
  • Choline
  • Vitamins A, E, D
  • Chromium
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Molybdenum

This is the primary reason why those beginning to engage in the diet experience the keto flu for a few weeks. However, with proper management of food intake and choosing the right keto supplement, you can always avoid consistently going through keto flu.

Find a complete keto supplement that will best aid you in your diet and your healthy goals.

How to Deal with Keto-Based Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies 

This is why it is essential for individuals who want to go through the keto diet for quite some time to understand how the system works and how the different work choices interact with each other. Through this approach, you would understand the process better and be able to pick the right keto supplement that would be best for your health condition and your goal to lose weight.

What type of supplements might be best for you to consider to engage better in the keto diet?

Those who are transitioning into ketosis often feel muscle cramps during the first few weeks. To avoid this, getting enough access to supplementary magnesium resources is critical. At least a 200 to 400 mg rate of magnesium per day is enough to help your body cope with this deficiency.

You may also choose to take keto-friendly food that is rich in magnesium. Increasing the intake of these food choices can help in the process of avoiding such cramps. The food choices include spinach, avocado, mackerel, and pumpkin seeds.

Most of the food choices allowed in the ketogenic diet are high in Omega 6 but are low in Omega 3. Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is critical in keeping the heart-healthy. It also benefits the body in terms of containing inflammatory diseases.

Pick the right Omega 3 supplement with at least a combination of 500 mg EPA and DHA to help keep your focus controlled while also improving your brain response even when going through the ketogenic diet.

Others who have gone through the ketogenic diet may also experience frequent cases of stomach upset. This could be improved by taking keto supplements with proteolytic enzymes necessary for the breaking down of protein that generally reduces muscle soreness and improves physical performance at the same time.

Always Remember 

When choosing the right supplement to support your keto diet journey, you need to be consistent with your goal. Focused on what is best for your health, you need to understand the interaction of different vitamins and minerals in your body as you engage in the diet.

With the right supplement and a strong balance in food intake, you will surely be able to avoid deficiencies that are most common among those who are not careful with their diet.

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