Keto Vitals is a small business that began from my own need for an easier way to get electrolytes on a ketogenic diet. I suffered badly from keto flu and continual fatigue whenever carbohydrates were removed from my diet. I had ongoing difficulty meeting my body’s needs for increased sodium and electrolytes. I knew that doctors typically recommend bouillon broth for low carb diets, but finding time for it proved difficult for me. Whether it was the bouillon’s prep time or the need to have boiled water and a bowl on hand – I never seemed to have the time or materials.

On top of all this, when I looked into what’s actually in bouillon cubes I was appalled. MSG and sugar tend to be at the top of the ingredient list.

I then turned to bone broth. I’d heard of the benefits of bone broth, but as a young guy in the tech industry, I just didn’t have time to simmer bones for hours and carry around a thermos. Instead, I committed to creating an alternative.

I needed something that was easy to take on a daily basis. I needed something that met all of my body's new needs. I needed something that wasn’t full of nasty ingredients. Lastly, I needed something transportable for when I traveled. I needed Keto Vitals.