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MCT Powder

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Keto Vitals MCT Powder is the perfect keto MCT powder! 

Commonly called MCT Oil Powder, it’s a powdered form of MCT oil that’s more gentle on the digestive tract than standard MCT oil. KV MCT is a patented blend of Medium Chain Triglycerides, combined with gut healthy prebiotic Acacia fiber. Medium Chain Triglycerides are a highly bio-available fatty acid, which convert easily to into ketones, helping you maintain energy and burn fat on your low carb journey! 

The combination of prebiotic keto fiber and MCTs will keep your energy high and appetite low for increased success in your keto journey and is the perfect keto powder for weight loss! 

Keep your health on track and energy levels high with Keto Vitals MCT Powder!

Keto Vitals MCT Powder has: 
● 50 calories 
● 0 net carbs 
● Full satisfaction guarantee

Suggested Use
Keto Vitals MCT Powder blends smoothly and adds a light cream flavor to any beverage. Try it in your bulletproof coffee, keto shake, or use it to smooth out your favorite keto ice cream!

It’s important that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase. If for any reason you’re not completely happy, feel free to return your bottle of Keto Vitals for a full refund. 

Keto Vitals is proudly made in the United States!