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Electrolyte Powders

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Keto Vitals Electrolyte Powder is the best source of keto friendly electrolytes on the market - Guaranteed! Experience increased energy, elevated mood, healthy muscle function and deep sleep right away. Replenish and hydrate your body better than a liquid iv hydration could!

There aren't many essentials on a low carb diet, but an electrolyte replacement supplement is a critical component of a sustainable low carb lifestyle. This ketogenic electrolyte supplement is tailored to the very specific needs of low-carb dieters. Don’t be fooled by multivitamins – what your body needs is Keto Vitals!

We will keep your body balanced so you can maintain peak performance! These keto friendly electrolytes are recommended by many keto and low carb dieters - from stay at home moms to endurance runners and bodybuilders.

NO CALORIES | NO CARBS | 60 Servings per container | 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

Each serving (1 scoop) contains:
• 500 mg Potassium
• 200 mg Magnesium
• 200 mg Sodium
• 100 mg Calcium

There are no carbs, calories, fillers or artificial ingredients.

Our electrolyte supplements are equally suited for ketogenic, Atkins, low carb, zero carb, and carnivore diets. 

It’s important that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase. If for any reason you’re not completely happy, feel free to return your bottle of Keto Vitals for a full refund.


All of the supplements we offer are proudly made in America!